Sirloin of 7yr old dairy cow from Asturias (500g)

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Asturias is the heart of green spain.
Lush green pastures, mountains and coast all within minutes of each other, you not only have some of the best cattle for dairy, but they then give them a second life put out to graze for a few more years. The producer we use believes 7 years is the ideal age for the best results.
These cows are also ultra free range.
All of this means their marbling and flavour is superb.

We trim and cut into half kilo pieces for you, the lowest we go in Asador 44 as a really thick cut piece of beef gives the best results when it comes to cooking as a steak. This gives it a perfect deep caramelised crust on the outside, whilst keeping rare to medium rare on the inside.
Rest well and then cut across the gain into 15 or so slices to share.