Sansueña Zamorano Cheese DOP, unpasteurised

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Lácteas Zamoro pride themselves on combining the experience and long-lasting artisan tradition of three generations of cheesemakers with the most advanced techniques to make this Zamorano cheese. This family owned dairy is located in the tiny medieval village of Sansueña, in the beautiful valley of Vidriales (Zamora,Castilla-León).

Their secret to create this unique cheese is quite simple: they use unpasteurised ewe's milk from Churra and Castellana local breeds from their own flock, which is then fermented using the natural bacteria, with no added preservative.

Zamorano cheese has an incredible smooth texture and subtle flavour, as a result of the lengthy pressing process which is carried out over 24 hours.  Additionally, a rigorous curd-drying process ensures there is no rennet left, which ensures that there is none of the piquant back taste which can be associated with its better-known cousin: Manchego

Is is an incredible cheese, which perfectly demonstrates the flavours of
ewe´s milk and simply melts in the mouth.