La Carrasca Saffron, Blancas, Teruel 1g Jar

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Saffron, historically referred to in the past as the “Red Gold” is a highly appreciated and coveted spice obtained from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower.

Saffron La Carrasca is located 1000 meters above sea level, providing an environment with favourable conditions for the cultivation of saffron.  Dry-land farming is used, which whilst reducing the quantity produced, increases the quality of the product to a superior level.

The weather conditions in the Blancas area in Teruel, -ranges from -15 º in winter and 40º in summer, increasing the thermal stress withstood by the saffron.  This prevents problems such as fungi, commonly found in other areas of cultivation. This climate aids the concentration of this saffron resulting in a very unique product.

100% Traditional and organic, 100% handcrafted! A flavoursome saffron for any dish!