Customer Support

Customer Support

We are here to help and assist you with any questions you have about Mercado 44, to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. We also welcome your feedback, comments and special requests.  Just email if you require help or advice.



During the COVID-19 crisis and for health and safety reasons, the return of perishable items is not permissible under any circumstances.  If there is an issue with your delivery where the item is not in its’ original condition, it is damaged or there is something missing, please contact us –


Claims (if applicable)

Any breakage, theft or short/partial delivery must be notified immediately, and the delivery note amended accordingly. We cannot accept claims for any losses if the delivery note is signed ‘unexamined’.


Corked bottles (if applicable)

All customers should inform us within 24 hours of uncorking if a wine is out of condition to enable us to confirm the complaint.  Faulty bottles should be dated and kept and the nature of the fault clearly written on the label or otherwise notified to us in writing.  We ask that you follow these steps to ensure we can do our best to rectify any issues with a wine you consider out of condition.